Follow-up on Mark

Mark had his hand surgery yesterday.  The doctor said the surgery was a success and he sent Mark home with a prescription for pain.  Mark slept some during the day, but in the evening he started feeling bad.  I had to go get a new thermometer because ours decided to stop working, and while I was gone, he got sick.  I called the ER to see if I should bring him in, but they said it was probably a reaction to the anesthesia.

Mark had some discomfort during the night, and he took a pain med this morning, but that’s the last one he’s had for today.  I think he’s still feeling some discomfort, but it doesn’t seem to be unbearable.

I learned from the last time that we went through this that Mark doesn’t want me hovering and doing for him, so I’ve been working out ways to help him be independent.  He can’t open his prescription bottles by himself, so when I was getting a new thermometer last night, I also bought a pill container that he can open himself.  I load it the night before and he’s set for the day.

Delores, I wanted to tell you that I learned something from editing your book.  When I’m helping him get his socks on, it’s easier to pull them on without bunching them up first.  Thank you for that suggestion!

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