Shorter hours; short-timers

Today we were sent home two hours early.  This is the beginning of having our hours cut because we have fewer campers. 

This weekend was Grandparents and Grandkids Weekend.  I planned traditional activities for grandparents and grandkids to do together to build memories together.  It started with a fishing tournament in the children’s pond at the top of the hill.  Only two grandparent/grandchild teams entered.  One was our neighbor, George, and his granddaughter, Mackenzie.  The other team won with a twenty inch catfish.

In the afternoon, we offered free train rides for grandparents with a paying grandchild, but we didn’t have very many riders.

Instead of a movie last night, I planned a campfire and family story sharing time.  I offered to bring marshmallow sticks if anyone wanted to roast marshmallows or make ‘smores.  Our neighbor, Gail, brought Mackenzie once they found us out in the group area.  They were the only people who came.  Still, Mackenzie had a blast.  She wanted so badly to tell a “fart” story, but her grandmother wouldn’t let her.  I think more people might have come, but they couldn’t find the group area where Melanie wanted us to have the campfire.  If I were going to be doing this again next year, I’d include a map.

So now that this weekend is over, there are two weekends left for me to plan.  Then there are five weekends of the Trail of Terror which is already pre-planned.  Altogether, we only have seven weekends left in Oklahoma before we head to Nevada.  Mark and I are in count-down mode!

2 thoughts on “Shorter hours; short-timers

  1. Howdy to the two of you. Been thinking of you wondering how you were. I thought you were still in CA. Sorry to hear about your wrist but you’ll be back to normal soon, I’m sure. Church is starting to wind up with Fall activities, choir, etc.

    Surely glad I kept your log so I could check up on you.

    Take care, and God bless you.

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