Another state under my belt

Yesterday (Tuesday) was the start of our weekend and for once we didn’t have any appointments scheduled in Muskogee, so we decided to go east instead.  Mark has been looking for a part to connect an auxilary propane tank to our RV so we don’t have to drive up to get propane in our tank every time we run out.  It was suggested that we might find the part at a place called Graingers in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

On our way there, I suggested we take a small road that went through Vian and Salisaw because everyone here keeps talking about them.  They are closer to us than Muskogee, but not as big.  Vian is maybe as big as Gore but not as nice.  Salisaw is big enough to have more stores in it, but I don’t know that it would have everything we need to make the trip worthwhile.  Muskogee is still probably our best bet.

However, in Fort Smith we saw our first building that was maybe seven or eight stories high and there was a small downtown area as well as a fairly good sized urban sprawl.  We found Graingers, and they had the part we needed in a catalog, so they ordered it for us.  From there we went to Hobby Lobby and Walmart for some supplies I needed for the Activity Center, and we even had lunch at a Dennys!  On our way out of town we stopped at a western wear store and found some boots to replace Mark’s every day boots that have a hole in them.

That was our big day out.  Today we had planned to clean house, but I ended up having to drive into Gore to make a couple of business phone calls that took several hours.  It was very frustrating, and it’s not over yet, but an end is in sight.  Don’t you hate getting derailed like that?  We managed to sort through some papers and get a little more organized, but our spring cleaning will have to wait for another weekend.

For the next three weekends we will be doing a theme based on the Azalea Festival that is going on locally during the month of April.  We aren’t expecting many people, so we’ll see what happens.

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