Gore: the trout fishing capital of Oklahoma

Gore is such a small town that I think it mainly survives because of the folks Marval Resort brings in.  Being right on the river, Marval caters to a lot of fishermen.  The city stocks the river with trout and Marval has special events for the fishermen who come.  All of this relies on the water in the river. 

Upstream from here is Tenkiller Dam.  For years the dam had a leak and there was plenty of water for the trout.  They recently fixed the leak and the river is running real low.  They had allotments for other purposes, but they had never needed an allotment for the trout before.  The City of Gore complained about the lack of water, so the folks up at the dam installed a pipe that drew water off the bottom of the lake where there’s not as much oxygen.  Of course, the trout need oxygen as much as any living creature.  The city is still trying to work something out with the dam to save the river and the fish (and maybe Marval and Gore as well).

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