After the dust has settled from spring break

Yesterday, the last day of spring break here, it snowed!  It was just itty bitty flakes that didn’t even stick, but everyone commented on it.  This morning Mark and I woke up and our water wasn’t running.  We had to use our water pump for water most of the day.  It was frigid most of the day, but late in the afternoon it seemed to just be cold.

This morning Mark and I worked on things in the Activity Center, but with all the campers gone there wasn’t much to do.  Melanie asked us if we’d like to help out in other areas and we agreed.  Mark went to help Jeff with a wiring project in the attic of the General Store/Office.  I went with a fellow Workamper named Jean to help Housekeeping clean cabins.

I have never been in the cabins before, so I was curious to see what they look like.  The three I helped clean all had a kitchen and a bathroom.  The two larger ones had a sleeping loft with four twin sized mattresses (the campers bring their own bedding), a queen sized bed, and a futon couch.  The smaller one had the queen sized bed and futon couch but no loft.  They all had fireplaces and front porches.  The floors are smooth shiny cement – easy to clean.  The cabins are really quite nice.

I haven’t said much about the other Workampers here because I don’t know them all, but I can tell you a little about the ones I know.  Melanie and Jeff are our bosses.  They have an RV in the park, but as the managers they live in a house next to the office and the gate.  They had to go to a manager’s thing for Legacy (our umbrella organization) last week so they are a little tired, but they are good people and fun to work for.

Pam and Steve are the assistant managers.  Pam works in the store and Steve is in charge of maintenance.  They had to be in charge last week when Melanie and Jeff were gone and I know they are glad to have them back!  Pam is a hugger and takes good care of people.  She came to work an hour early on Melanie’s first day back because she knew Melanie would be tired.  Steve is a strong silent type, but very good at his job.

Jean is a single Workamper.  I didn’t know much about her until today.  She was born in Oklahoma but her family moved to Georgia when she was young.  She was thrilled to get her first Workamping job in Oklahoma.  She generally works in the store, but Melanie wanted her to get to know the cabins so she can describe them to people who call and ask about them, so that’s why she sent Jean with me today when nothing else was going on.

Karen and Chuck are from Alaska.  Karen collects earrings, and I think her husband makes many of them.  They work in housekeeping together.  They often come into the Activity Center to warm up, get some coffee, or bring us toilet paper rolls for crafts.  They’re very friendly.

Adrian and Lorraine have an accent because they come from South Africa.  They were white farmers there, and they left the country about eight years ago when they felt threatened by the black Africans.  They work in housekeeping too.

Alice and Larry aren’t technically Workampers because the first time they came to Marval they fell in love with the area and bought a house five minutes away.  Larry works in maintenance and Alice comes in several days a week to help us in the Activities Center.  Today Melanie told her that until things pick up, she can just come in on Saturdays when we’re busy.

I think there are others that work in maintenance, but I don’t know them very well yet.  Melanie wants to have a monthly gathering to remedy that for us all.

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