Go fly a kite!

Yesterday was kite day.  Mark and I had found a bunch of kite kits at the Dollar Tree in Muskogee so we bought them out.  Yesterday morning we sold the kites and Mark helped the kids put them together.  Then yesterday afternoon they took their kites out to the big open field and flew them.  Everyone who got their kite up in the air got a prize.  A fun time was had by all!

Today is the last day of Spring Break here, so we’re going to make toilet roll bird feeders this morning and then everyone will be checking out.  This week has been a learning process for Mark and me.  We are nearly out of some of our art supplies, so we need to order much more than we did this time.  We learned that just because certain ceramics were ordered more frequently last year, we don’t need to restock them this year because everyone painted them last year.  We learned how to use our cash register.  Mark learned how to drive the train and make the train ride last for the kids.  (In fact, one of the mom’s said he drove crazy and she’ll know not to eat before she goes with her kids next time!)  I learned how to use the helper that comes in Monday through Thursday.  It’s been a good week for preparing us for this summer.

By the way, I mentioned the eleven year old girl who blew away our talent show audience the other night.  Her name is Madilynn Stelzer, and I found her on YouTube under stelzerj1.  Look for the most current performances from four to six months ago to hear the kind of music we heard.  She performed The Wrong Side of Memphis at the talent show.

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