Spring cleaning, Part II

It’s been another busy day.  We started out by clearing the other half of the floor and Mark swept and mopped it while I got things set up.  Fortunately, that section of floor was easier and only took one washing.

We took a break when Caylee, our little friend, came in to teach us how to tie-dye.  She didn’t know everything about it, but what she didn’t know we found online.  Mark made a tee-shirt with bands of color, starting with black at the shoulder.  I made a swirl with the brightest colors I could find.  Does this surprise anyone who knows us?

Then Jeff came in and asked Mark if he could help Maintenance with mowing the miniature golf course and other areas they couldn’t reach with their tractor lawn mowers.  That took Mark a good part of the day, but I told him he had to be back by 3:00 in case I got any takers for my nature walk.  (I didn’t.)

Around 5:00 a mom came in with her three year old and we tried a craft on him, but he only wanted to play with the pieces, so I directed them over to our new water table.  Macaila also came in.  She has come often enough on weekends that I know her pretty well.  She seems to be a young girl that has a hard time making friends her own age, and her mom sends her to activities with not much money usually.  Today I had several free crafts out and I had Mark testing one of them out, so Macaila sat down and Mark worked with her on making it too.  It was sweet to see him trying to get her to do some math while explaining how to make the craft.

Later this evening when we came home, we found Macaila playing with the two little grandchildren of our neighbor.  It was good to see her having fun with children even though they are younger than she is.  She’s usually kind of pathetic trying to find someone to play with her.

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