Great day!

I don’t know what’s going on this weekend, but there are a bunch of kids here.  We had a great day!

I have tried putting some free crafts out every weekend and not too many people have been interested.  Last night I taught Mark how to do a couple of the free crafts, and today we had a whole bunch of takers for them.  It was fun watching Mark teach the kids how to make rain sticks and toilet paper roll bird feeders.

I provide the free crafts because I realize that some parents aren’t able to pay a lot for activities.  We also did fairly good business in the crafts that cost money though.  And we rented out a good number of bikes and miniature golf equipment.

One thing I’ve had difficulty with is that we have three different rental forms for equipment and a page of opening and closing procedures and a ledger book I got to keep track of income and expenses.  All this stuff was floating around the cash register area.  Last night I bought a three-ring binder and some tabbed dividers.  This morning before it  got busy, I punched holes in all our rental forms and the opening and closing procedures check list.  I made tabs for each of them in the binder as well as for the ledger book that already had holes punched in it.  It was so slick today being able to easily turn to the form I needed when someone wanted to rent something.  That’s the librarian in me, finding ways to organize things!

Mark drove the train again several times this afternoon and he had a decent number of passengers.  Usually that’s the highlight of his day, but even he had to admit that it came second today to teaching the kids how to make rain sticks.  I still think he was meant to be a teacher.  He’s very good at it!

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