Great balls of fire!

As I write, we are directly in a lightning storm.  I mean, there’s no counting 1-1000, 2-1000… for this one.  The whole area around us turns as bright as day for a few seconds and then there’s a crack and a rumble that rattles the floor beneath us.  It keeps going every five seconds or so.  Rain is pounding down on top of us.  I’ve never seen anything like this!

Exciting as it is to watch, tomorrow morning Melanie and Jeff are supposed to hide Easter eggs for an Easter egg hunt we’re having from 10:30-1:00.  Campers have been coming in all day and I know there are already a bunch of kids here.  Not too many of them came into the Activity Center today, but if this weather holds up I bet we’ll be busy with indoor activities tomorrow!

Our cats are nervous.  You can see it in their wide eyes and in the way they keep coming to us for reassurance.  Even I, who love storms, am a little scared.  I can just imagine what’s happening in all those cabins and campers full of children tonight.  Or perhaps Oklahoma children are used to this.

2 thoughts on “Great balls of fire!

  1. I assume you’re alright, but in the future can I suggest not using electronic devices when the sky is flinging megavolts at you? 🙂 In fact I’d suggest unplugging laptops and such…

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