Under a lightning sky

As I write tonight, I’m watching a spectacular sky show.  About every thirty seconds to a minute, the clouds light up.  Maybe every five minutes or so, I actually see a jag of white lightning cross the sky in front of me.  The lightning is far enough away that it takes a while for the thunder to come, but it’s fun to watch!

Speaking of fun, the last couple of days we’ve been getting deliveries of things we’ve ordered for the craft store.  It’s like Christmas, getting to open the boxes and put the products on the shelves.  Mark has been inventorying everything, including our craft paints and sand.  We’re getting a good idea of what we yet need to order.

This weekend, folks came on their own to go fishing or just camp.  They brought kids with them who would like to have something to do.  There was one young girl in a pink coat hanging around outside the Activity Center this morning wishing we were operational, so we finally took pity on her and let her in.  I had a couple ceramic pieces that were destined for the garbage, and Mark had some mostly empty bottles of acrylic paint, so we let her paint the ceramics.  I gave her some sidewalk chalk to use, but that didn’t keep her busy very long, and then Caylee came in to help.  I told the girls they could splatter paint the floor with some Rit dye that was otherwise going to be thrown away, so they splattered the floor, the walls, the windows, the tables, and themselves.  I hope their parents don’t mind, but they had fun!  Older kids came in to rent bikes or clubs and balls for miniature golf.  Mark has been excellent with the kids!

I have put out my first schedule of activities for spring break week.  Now I need to do one for Easter weekend and give the office a little more advance notice.  I hope the weather will be cooperative for the outdoor activities I have planned!

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