Hidden treasure!

We were going to stay home and work on laundry and stuff today, but we needed to make a phone call and our cell phone wasn’t getting reception so we drove into Gore.  We were there around lunch time and Mark thought he remembered seeing a hamburger place in Gore, so we went looking for it. 

We got all the way to the cemetery at the edge of town but didn’t find the place Mark was looking for so I convinced him to stop at a place I had spotted that said it served lunch.  It said it was a tea room and a bakery, and Mark was reluctant.  From the outside it looks like a big old brick building, not particularly remarkable.  When we first walked in the door, it looked like a store and I wasn’t sure if I’d read the sign wrong, but a woman saw us and directed us to the tea room.

Oh my!  This is a secret gem in the heart of Gore.  The ceiling was probably 20-25 feet high, and there were chandeliers!  The room was painted dark red with one teal wall, and there was a peacock motif all around.  We sat at a glass-topped table with a real lace tablecloth.  It was gorgeous!

They only serve lunch, and the prices are incredibly low.  (That’s something we’ve seen all through this area.  Prices are really reasonable!)  I had quiche, and Mark had a hamburger.  Then we split a baked fudge dessert topped with ice cream.  Mark was hooked!

After lunch, we wandered through the shop area.  It’s an antique store, and again, the prices are unbelievable.  There was a poster-sized really nice framed print of Marilyn Monroe that cost less than $50, and an antique butter dish cost about $12.50.  There were things I saw that I was already thinking of people to get them for!  😉

The waitress also told us to check out the gift store next door, so we went in there as well.  The women in there were very friendly, especially when they heard we work at Marval Resort.  They said that about 80% of their business comes from people camping at Marval.

When we got home, we got down to the more mundane plans we had for the day, and then this evening a man from Mark’s new church called and asked if he could come and visit.  He came alone, and at first I was on my guard for fear he’d try to talk me into getting baptized, but both Mark and I stressed that that’s not necessary for us, so he backed off.  He’s a simple farmer and doesn’t know chapter and verse of his books, so he said he would accept that we at least share the same Bible and that I’m a Christian.  Then he asked what kind of information he could collect about the area for us.  We asked where there’s a doctor, a dentist and an eye doctor, where different services are, what there is to see in the area, etc.  He said he’ll gather all the business cards he can and bring them to us.

Just as he was leaving, Dobby ran out the front door and under the RV.  Mark and I got on both sides of the RV and the man shone his headlight for us.  We caught Dobby fairly easily this time.  Bad boy, Dobby!

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