Memorial Day Weekend in review

Now that Memorial Day Weekend is officially over, there are few enough campers here that I can blog again!  We had a hectic but fun few days.

The most fun was on Sunday.  Sunday morning at 11:00 we had a watermelon seed spitting contest.  Melanie had bought 12 watermelons for it, but she had to go all the way to Muskogee to find watermelons that had black seeds in them.  She hadn’t realized it would be so hard.

We had the contest out in one of our picnic pavilions.  I had signed people up by age group.  We started with age eight and under.  We lined the kids up in two rows – boys in one line and girls in the other.  This way they were only competing with similar age and sex.  (Each line had one winner.)  The boy and girl who won in the eight and under category each won a free train ride.  The boy and girl who won in the nine to fourteen age group won a free round of miniature golf.  And the men and women who won in the fifteen to adult group won a free half hour bike rental.  We had so much watermelon left over that they sent kids out afterward to tell everyone in the park to come for watermelon.  Everyone had a good time!

Then at 3:00 we had a Memorial Day parade.  Mark led in the train where veterans got to ride free but everyone else paid.  Following the train were golf carts and bicycles with all sorts of decorations and balloons.  I got pictures of them all before they took off.  Again a good time was had by all.

Saturday and Sunday my craft supplies were decimated.  We have been offering to glaze ceramics for people, but we sold so many ceramics that we had a hard time getting them all glazed.  We finally decided we’ll have to tell folks they can glaze them themselves if they want.

There were four of us working in Activities on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but Sunday was Linda’s last day before going back to Arizona, and today was Cathy’s day off.  Mark and I still managed to do over $200 worth of business today.  This was a day of transition, though, where weekend campers were leaving and weekly campers were checking in, so this afternoon things finally got quiet.  I had a lot of ordering to do to make up for all the supplies that I ran out of on the weekend.

Tomorrow I need to start planning for next weekend.  The theme next weekend is Oklahoma “Free” Fishing Weekend.  Oklahoma allows fishing without a license on this coming Saturday and Sunday.  Whole families come to Marval to fish, and the kids who do it with their families really seem to enjoy it, so I’ve been thinking about doing a kids fishing tournament, but I talked with Jeff about it today and he didn’t seem to think the fishing would be good enough.  The river’s been running high, and that gives the fish more places to hide.  We have a children’s fish pond, but he says the fish they stocked it with are still really small.  I’ll be talking with Melanie tomorrow to see what I can come up with.

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