One of the perks of working here…

Rather than putting Linda in Housekeeping this afternoon, they asked Mark to work with the Maintenance crew because they had to lift one of the cabins four inches.  So while he was working with the men, Linda got to stay and help me get set up for next weekend.

After Mark helped re-level the cabin, he took some other maintenance requests and worked on them.  He was working on a cabin down by the river and there was a fisherman fishing there.  The guy caught a large-mouthed bass, but for some reason he hadn’t come prepared to take fish home with him, so he asked if Mark would like to have it.  Of course, Mark jumped on the offer and brought the fish home and put it in the sink with some water.  (He also covered the sink so the cats wouldn’t get it.)  Mark went back to the cabin where he was working and the man caught a small-mouthed bass and gave that to Mark as well.  When Mark cleaned the fish tonight he divided the fish up into three meals we can have.  Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

Today we were very flexible in Activities.  This morning four kids came by and asked if the train was going to go, so Mark went up and got it and gave them a ride.  Right before lunch, one family and another kid came in and wanted to rent bikes for half an hour.  They both got a bargain because I told them they could ride them till we returned from lunch.  We did a bit more business today than we usually do on a Sunday, so it was okay.

After three weeks on the Azalea Festival theme, it felt good to take it all down and set up for a new weekend.  I discovered today that Linda has an artistic eye, so I deferred to her on several things.  I let her paint a ceramic for a demonstration of the themed ceramics I put out.  This coming weekend will be Arbor Day Weekend, so I’m doing leafy ceramics and wood crafts.  She painted a leaf-shaped incense burner, and we’re going to burn incense in it next weekend to draw people to those crafts.

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