Ye olde tymes

I failed to mention that yesterday we had a horse race for our outdoor activity.  Five pre-teen and teenaged girls entered.  Each was given a hobby horse.  The paved road around our park is half a mile long.  I posted Mark at the far end of the track with a camera (to try to prevent cutting corners and cheating) and sent the girls around.

Only one or two of them made it around the track without cheating, and one of those won a free half hour bike rental.  They came in this morning and the other four girls rented a bike, so we came out well.

This morning we had the jousting tournament.  The jousting pole had been somewhat mended, but Mark says it didn’t work as well as it had before it was broken.  Still, we had about five kids try, so it wasn’t a total loss.

Linda spent most of the day working on her decorations for the train.  During our lunch break Jeff kept coming around and asking her if she was close to being done.  By the time of the first train ride at 2:30, all she had up was the dragon on the front of the train.  Before the second ride at 3:30, Melanie came down and Mark and I helped her and Linda get the rest of the decoration up as well as we could.  I would have taken a picture, but the batteries in the camera were low.  I had Cathy run up to the office to get new batteries, but somehow they got lost before the train ride at 4:30 so

I’ve been trying to figure out what the lesson is from this.  Perhaps when Melanie asked Linda to decorate the train on Wednesday or Thursday, she had in mind something simpler and she might have needed to explain that.  Maybe Linda’s idea was bigger than she could pull off and she should have tried to scale down a little when she saw how long it was taking.  If I had stepped in earlier and helped, it might have gone faster.  These are the kinds of lessons we need to take from this as we look toward other decorations in the future.  Of course, if Linda leaves after Memorial Day, we’ll have new lessons to learn!

All-in-all, things didn’t go exactly as we had planned, but we did almost $400 in sales and rentals today.  We were quite busy all day and the campers had a good time.  That’s what’s important.

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