I love everyone I work with here.  We all tease each other, like this morning when Mark pulled me out on the road in front of the workers who were driving up the hill to start the day.  (We always walk up, so we’re a little slower.)  The driver behind us laughed and waved when I finally pulled Mark to the side of the road. 

I especially love working for Melanie.  She is adorable and funny and great with people.  I needed her today and she came through with flying colors.

Linda was hired to help Mark and I in the Activity Center, and things started out well, but throughout the week she seemed to be increasingly unhappy with the situation.  Finally this morning she told me that she had thought she was hired to be the Activity Director.  I asked Melanie if we could meet with her, so she had us in her office this afternoon for a meeting.  She managed to explain to Linda that I am the Activity Director with all the responsibilities that entails, but that she was hired because of her talents and abilities.  Melanie said they have big plans for using her skills and that we need to work together.  I told Melanie that I’ve been assessing Linda’s skills this week and have found her to be more extroverted than me and that I’ve been letting her deal more with our customers.  I said she’s creative and I’ve been trying to give her creative things to do, but there are times when things are dead and I’ve given her things to do that aren’t creative but have to be done, just to keep her from getting bored.  By the end of the meeting, everyone felt good and the whole situation turned around 180 degrees.  Melanie is a wise manager!

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