A tribute to Igal Koshevoy

A friend of Jamey’s, and in fact a friend to the community of techno-geeks in Portland, recently died.  Jamey sent me the link to Igal’s memorial service.  So many wonderful stories were told at the memorial service, and it gave me pause to reflect on life.

Igal Koshevoy was born in the former Soviet Union and when he was one year old his parents moved to Israel.  Later they moved to the US.  Igal could speak several languages, including Klingon.  (Leave it to a techie!)

In the Portland area, Igal was known for being a mentor and a community builder.  Stories were told about how he helped folks when they first arrived on the scene, getting them involved in tech groups and making them feel welcome.  He was described as being cheerful, kind, helpful, intelligent, funny, a lover of art and music as well as computers.  People talked about how special he made them feel.  Jamey talks about how Igal has inspired him.

What will be said of each of us when we pass?  Will we be known for helping others?  Will we leave an inspirational legacy?  It’s something to consider as we live our lives.

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