Our weekend

Yesterday, Wednesday, we went down to the Activity Center as plain old campers so that I could spread out some fabric I got for a skirt I want to make for Western Weekend.  I also wanted to be there in case Cathy had any questions because it was her first time of running the place by herself.  She did have a few questions, but on the whole she seemed to be doing okay.

Last evening we went to the LDS church for a while to work on genealogy.  Dad, I found Great-uncle Warren’s entry about John McCroskey online.  It had some slightly different information than you sent me though.  It appears that John’s parents lived in the lowlands of Scotland but moved to Northern Ireland around the time of his birth.  That’s how it is that we have a Scottish name but we’ve been traced to Ireland.  Also, does the written family history include the information that in 1753 his church was listed as New Providence Church?  The ladies at the LDS church suggested I type his name and birthplace and date in the Google search box, and that’s how I got to this information.

Another interesting thing was that the ladies at the church had both Fullers and Judds in their family line and they raised the question as to whether Mark and I might be related to them and to each other.  Mark compared their line of Fullers with his line of Fullers and although there are similar names, the dates don’t match up.  Mom, I’m still waiting for information on the Judds at Juddhaven so I can see if I’m related to these women.

Last night we had to leave early because we had said we’d show the Wednesday night movie here.  Mark and several other Workampers had trouble figuring out the “subwoofers”.  That sounds like underwater dogs to me, but I guess it has to do with the sound system.  We were able to show the movie, but we didn’t have very good volume.  It was okay because we also didn’t have a very big audience, but John came to try to help and he said everyone who shows the movies needs to get together to iron out the glitches, so this was a good test run.

Today we went to Muskogee for a follow-up audiology appointment for Mark.  We weren’t really sure why they scheduled the follow-up appointment because basically the doctor said what we already know.  That dizzy spell Mark had a month ago was a vertigo attack and nobody knows what brought it on.  The doctor looked at everything that had been written, both in the ER and by the last audiologist Mark saw, and said Mark didn’t suffer any ill effects from his bout and it was probably just a germ or something.

After that we went to Wallmart to do some shopping, and while we were in there, a storm hit.  When we finished our shopping we sat in the McDonalds that was inside the store and had lunch while we waited out the storm.  When we got home, our RV was an island again, and there is more rain predicted for the next several days.  At least it’s warm rain, kind of like taking a shower.

By the way, in yesterday’s mail there was a sheet of instructions from the VA dietician for Mark.  We received it just as we were about to go grocery shopping so it informed our shopping decisions.  We got everything we could that was low fat and low cholesterol, as well as low sodium.  It put Mark in kind of a bad mood because he said we were taking all the stuff he likes away from him!  I think he was at least partially joking, though, because he and I have talked about wanting to celebrate our fortieth anniversary together.  That would put us both in our nineties.  He wants to live as much as I want him to, so I think he’ll get used to it.  🙂

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