Wet and Wild Weekend!

This weekend has been Wet and Wild Weekend at Marval.  They’ve done this theme on the same weekend every year and people sign up for this one so they can participate in a water war.  Some of the regular staff who have been through this before really get into it, too.

In order to participate, you have to be wearing a red band that you get from the Activity Center.  Kids were wearing them Rambo-style or on their arms or legs.  We staff all wear red shirts, so we were fair game too.  John and Charlie carried barrels of water on their carts with great big soaker guns and buckets.  They got me really good even though I had a big water cannon.

At lunch time Mark and I drove home in our cart and we both had our water cannons and water pistols with us.  As we got closer to home, our neighbors came driving toward us and drenched us.  Mark turned the cart around to make another pass at them and we got drenched again.  Then Mark made a sharp U-turn for a third pass and I flew out of the cart and slid across the graveled dirt on the side of the road.  I got road rash on my left elbow and shoulder and a blood blister on the heel of my left hand.  That kind of ended the battle, but I’m OK.

Here are some pictures from the day:


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