Western Weekend

Up until tonight it’s been too difficult to get internet connection for me to post.  We have been slammed with several large family reunions from Friday through today (Tuesday).  It may continue tomorrow, but thankfully Mark and I are now on our weekend!  🙂

Last weekend was Western Weekend.  I had tried planning a lasso practice and a relay race, but no one showed up for those.  Instead they all came into the Activity Center to rent bikes, golf clubs, and do crafts.  The one extra activity we were able to do that was really fun was a train robbery.  We have a teenage girl who is a seasonal here.  Her name is Jaden.  She dressed up as the “Candy Bandit” and stopped the train at the far end of the track.  She tried to hold up the train with a tiny little squirt gun, but Mark had a big squirt gun he fended her off with.  The last run of the day was done by Clyde because we were asked to take off two hours early since we were going to help with the movie later.  We went to watch Clyde’s first run as a train engineer.  On Clyde’s run, he had a couple of marshals in the back car.  When the Candy Bandit stopped the train with her teensy little squirt gun, the marshals got her with a couple of water cannons.  The poor girl got drenched, but a good time was had by all!

That evening Mark and I sold popcorn at the movie.  We showed Toy Story because of Woody, the toy cowboy in it.  The movie was well attended and we sold something like $40-worth of popcorn and drinks.  Jeff came down while we were there and saw some of the problems we were having, such as moths flying into the lighted popcorn machine every time we open the door.  He’s trying to figure out some solutions for us.

I sewed a skirt for Western Weekend and I wore it on Saturday, along with my cowboy hat and boots that Mark got me for my birthday.  Here’s a picture:

Denise in western gear

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