That darn cat!

Last evening Mark and I had the front door open but the screen door shut to let in a cool breeze.  We were both working on our laptops with our backs to the door.  I should have known something was wrong when I kept having to swat at one flying bug after another.  When we finally did turn around and look, the screen door was wide open and Dobby was nowhere to be seen.

Dobby is declawed and has always been an indoor cat — according to us.  According to him, he has an itch for adventure and exploration.  This isn’t the first time he’s done this, but last night was particularly bad because we were having to go around the RV killing bugs the whole rest of the evening.

This morning when we found him on our doorstep, he got the usual punishment for running away.  Whenever he’s been out all night, we don’t know what he might be bringing in with him, so we give him a flea shower.  (We don’t have a bath.)  However, this mornings punishment was even more severe than usual because we’re out of propane so it was a cold shower he got.  Never mind that I was in there with him; his meows were all the more pitiful because of the cold water.

We only had to give Kimba this treatment once when she spent the night out.  Now even if the door is wide open as it was last night, she won’t go outside.  I wish Dobby would learn his lesson!

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