Home repairs

Yesterday we broke camp to drive up the hill and fill our propane tank.  It’s a rather arduous procedure that includes putting the cats in our car because no living thing is supposed to be in the RV when they’re filling the propane.  We have to bring in the slide-out and the awnings and lift up the levelers.  Mark also attached the nozzle that will allow us to use an external propane tank from now on so we won’t have to break camp every time we need propane.

When we got back to our camp site, the levelers wouldn’t go down, the slide-out wouldn’t come in, and the propane wouldn’t work.  The propane was an easy fix.  Mark figured out that there was air in the line so he bled the line and we now have propane again.

Several hours later:  When in doubt, read the manual.  Mark just read the manual to our RV and found the fix to the levelers and the slide-out.  He’s so handy to have around!

While Mark was working on the RV today, a bunch of us Workampers went over to meet the newest Workampers who arrived this morning.  They are Terry and Linda from Arizona.  They are going to be helping Mark and me in Activities as well as working elsewhere around the camp.  They have a karaoke machine they are hoping to be able to use here.  They seem much more energetic than our last helper was so I’m looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish with their help.

This evening Mark and I went to another church.  We went to a Bible study at Lake Road Church of Christ.  We had been invited to attend by three women we spoke with in the parking lot at the grocery store.  Actually, when they first saw us at Harps, they told us about their charitable clothes closet.  I wasn’t sure if they thought we were in need of clothes or not.  They probably saw our Oregon license plate and thought we were drifters, but if they knew anything about cars, they would have known that anyone driving a 2013 Prius V is probably not your typical drifter.  It was sweet of them to call out to us and make the offer though, so I was willing to make another attempt at visiting a church here.

I admit I’ve been discouraged about finding the right church for me here.  Tonight was no exception.  Their Bible study was pretty straightforward.  They were studying the qualifications for being an elder using Paul’s instructions in 1 Timothy, Titus, and one of the other epistles I can’t remember right now.  However, I fell asleep again.  The only service here I’ve been able to stay awake for so far is the one with the hell-fire and brimstone preacher, and I wouldn’t go back there even if I could stay awake.

One of the Workampers who lives across from us is Baptist, and she and I have had some good discussions.  She has expressed interest in going church hunting with me, but they were busy tonight and couldn’t make it.  She said they’ll try to come next week, so we’ll see what comes of that.  At least she got me to break out of my discouragement and try again for the first time in three weeks.  There are two more churches on my list of churches in town that have Wednesday evening services.  If nothing else works out, perhaps we can meet together and have our own worship.

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