A good day

On our way to work this morning the temperature was in the 40’s and it was still windy, but by our first break at 10:00 it was cold.  There were big fat snow flakes and the snow was piled up about two or three inches.  It was beautiful!

Mark and I had a really good day today.  By week four we’re supposed to be around eighty-five percent productivity.  By our third break at 3:00 this afternoon, I was at ninety percent and Mark was at eighty-nine percent.  Our scout, Chuck, came by this afternoon and gave me a safety save, which means I was caught being safe.  This is a good thing!

I’m finding that I really like this kind of work.  I received good training, the expectations are clear and measurable, and I’m getting a great workout every day.  Everyone helps each other and there’s a lot of good humor.  Mark can take it or leave it, but I wouldn’t mind working for Amazon again.

When we got off work tonight, the snow had hardened somewhat into ice.  Mark had to scrape it off our windshield when we got out to our car.  He drove home very carefully, only to slip and fall when he was out walking across the street from our place.  He caught himself with the hand that recently had carpal tunnel surgery and hurt it but he took some Tylenol for it.  He had to sweep the snow off our steps off before we came in.  Then we had some trouble with our water pressure which he had to go out to work on.  Our small propane tank was out of propane, so he went to get some more, but it’s apparently too cold out for it to work.  The temperature is in the 20’s. Our main propane tank is working, thank goodness!  I don’t envy Mark being a man and having to be out in the cold taking care of all the little things that go wrong.  He’s a good man!

One thought on “A good day

  1. Cold or not, ya do what ya gotta do…

    As for Amazon?? Expect “high” productivity regardless of hurtles created by their system…..

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