Life goes on…

There’s been an outpouring of notes and prayers sent to us in the last few days.  Thank you for that.  This morning Mark’s hand was hurting so he took his pain medication.  It made him kind of dizzy and drowsy so he took a nap.  That was the last pain pill he needed today.  He’s going to try to go with just Ibuprofin if he needs anything during the work week, but as of this evening he was feeling pretty good.

I have a strange story to tell.  For the last couple weeks we’ve been noticing a lot of bird droppings on my car doors and windshield, and it isn’t parked under a tree.  Since we’ve been hanging out at home a little more this weekend, I’ve had opportunity to see what’s going on.  There’s a robin that has become obsessed with my car.  He seems to spend the entire day trying to get into the side windows.  He’ll sit on top of the side view mirror (if he doesn’t slide off as he often does) and then start flapping his wings as he goes back and forth along the lower edge of the window.  I thought at first that he was either psychotic or rabid, but I showed my car to Melanie and she said another Workamper figured out that if they tied ribbons to the side view mirrors and door handles the birds would leave their car alone.  Apparently if they see something moving in the breeze they won’t stick around.  I need to get some ribbons.  My car looks like a crapmobile right now!

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