I got a headache on December 30th, two days before we left Oregon, and I’ve had a headache at some point during every day since. This morning, I went to see a chiropractor. He worked really hard to try to loosen me up, but I just about went through the ceiling in pain before I got looser. I’m still not entirely loose, but I only had a brief headache this afternoon that went away without medicine.

My boss at Block Advisors has been eager for me to come to work, but she also doesn’t want me to be there in pain. I went to see the chiropractor today in hopes that I will be ready to start work tomorrow.

After my appointment, I rode with Mark as he traveled all over Kingdom Come to deliver flyers and business cards to RV parks to advertise his business. We hadn’t been home for long when someone called from one of the RV parks and asked him to come and check their RV.

This is the latest start either of us has gotten on work in the four years we’ve been coming down here. I’m eager to get on with it!

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