OPB interview

I am listed as a subject “expert” with Oregon Public Broadcasting; the radio part of it.  As such, I periodically receive questions that they send out to all their experts.  Most of the questions don’t pertain to me so I ignore them, but occasionally I see one I can answer.

Earlier this month OPB put out the question: What’s the biggest change that’s occurred in your life in the last year.  I figured I had a doozy, so I sent in my response.  Apparently they thought I had a doozy, too, because I was contacted by Meredith Lawrence and asked if I could come into the studio for an interview.  I told her that wouldn’t be possible, but that I would be willing to give a phone interview if she wanted.  A week and a half ago, Mark and I drove to a nearby call box where we are able to get cell phone reception, and I spoke with Meredith.  She said that the interview will be on OPB sometime between Christmas and New Years.  I asked her how I and anyone else who doesn’t live in Oregon could listen to it.  Here are the instructions:

Go to www.opb.org and look on their home page for a search box that says “Search OPB”.  You can either type in Meredith Lawrence or Amanda Peacher, and when my interview has posted it will be listed there.  I’ve looked under their names and it doesn’t appear that their stories are in chronological order, so you may need to read through the list to find it.  It’s not there this morning, but you can keep watching for the next week if you’re interested.

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