Maybe I should change religions…

For anyone who is just tuning in, I’ll briefly recap what has been happening in the last week or so.  My husband, Mark, used to drive long-haul, but that wasn’t working for us, so we signed up with an organization called Club Workamper.  They put out job listings for jobs you can do from an RV anywhere in the country.  We were living in Oregon City, OR up until a week ago, when we packed up our two cats and came down to Los Gatos, CA to work at the Los Altos Rod and Gun Club.  My husband is one of their Range Safety Officers, and I do the cleaning.

Before we left Oregon City, I had checked to see if their is a Friends meeting anywhere near us, and I found one in San Jose.  I even had several e-mails with a couple people from there before I left.  This morning I got all dressed up and headed down the mountain to try to find the place.  I thought I’d be able to count on my GPS for directions, but it decided to sleep in this morning.  I knew that the meeting was in San Jose, and Mark and I had found it when we were exploring the area on Wednesday, so I decided to head toward San Jose and see if anything looked familiar.  Nothing did.  I even prayed that God would guide me, but maybe God doesn’t work that way or something.  I got so lost and didn’t even have my phone with me, although what I would have done if I’d had my phone, I don’t know.  Even if I’d called the office, I couldn’t have told them where I was, and they couldn’t have left to try to come and find me because Sundays are a busy day for them.  I finally remembered that Mark had said something about the two mountain ranges, and I knew that the one I was closest to wasn’t the one where I live, so I tried heading toward the more distant range.  Then I saw a sign for Sunnyvale and remembered that there is a road called Sunnyvale-Saratoga Avenue, and if I could find that and stay on it, it would take me to Saratoga.  I needed to do some grocery shopping, so I stopped at a Safeway, and when I came out, I asked a couple to help me figure out how to get back home.  Wouldn’t you know it…half way home I noticed that my GPS was finally working!

There are a lot of churches in Saratoga.  I passed a Catholic church with grape vines out front, and an Episcopal church that has a school.  But I really wanted to find this Friends meeting and see what it’s like.  It’s an unprogrammed meeting, meaning there is no pastor and no program.  The one I’m from is programmed, so I know there are differences, but I really wanted that time to center down.  I guess, in a sense, I was spending time alone with God, but my mind was mostly focused on trying to figure out where I was.  Maybe next Sunday will go better.

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  1. Wow! The adventures just keep coming. That was exciting just reading about it. Very resourceful and good remembering.

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