Mark and I could feel our excitement rising throughout the day today as we got closer and closer to home.  Even when I had a migraine, I was glad to be back in familiar territory, and Mark was positively giddy!  Tucson was every bit as happy as we’d been hoping all along she’d be.  I guess the cats were happy too, but they were too suave to show it.

Crossing the Mississippi River in Iowa

First siting of a barn quilt

The VA in Green Bay

For about half an hour before we reached Green Bay, I had been developing a migraine.  Mark had to stop at the VA before we headed up the peninsula so he could get a refill on a prescription.  While he headed toward the pharmacy, he told me to get some food in the cafeteria for my headache.  I was standing in front of the pop machine that didn’t have any Dr. Pepper (my go-to for caffeine when I have a migraine) when someone asked me how I was.  I told her I had a migraine.  Next thing I knew, I was surrounded by doctors and nurses and someone brought a wheelchair and wheeled me into the ER.  They had me hooked up to monitors and a doctor checked me over.  I will admit that this was a really bad migraine, but I didn’t think it warranted all that fuss.  When they found out I’m not a veteran, they told Mark to take me to the ER at another hospital close by, but instead, we headed on home.  With some food and caffeine in my stomach, my headache finally went away.  No big deal!

Welcome to Door County. Woohoo!

We stopped at Mark’s favorite hardware store to get propane in the RV, and they had mounds of snow piled up from last weekend’s blizzard.

Tucson loves snow!

This is the best shot I’ve ever been able to get of her. Usually, she’s a blur!

Every glimpse we got of the water as we made our way up the peninsula, it was still frozen. This was in Ephraim.

This is where I have my interview in the morning – Ephraim Historical Museum.

Home at last!

Mark showing Tucson her new back yard. In spite of the snow on the ground, it was a pleasantly warm day.

This is the first chance Tucson has had to play without her leash!

Introducing Tucson to a couple of the neighborhood dogs. The husky is Boost and the little fur ball is Milo.

Cautiously letting them get to know each other.

Look at the contentment on Mark’s face. It was a rare moment of peace for him.

Opening the door

My tools!!!

He lit a fire for me because although it was warm outside, it was freezing in the house!

A couple feet of snow was covering the cellar doors where Mark needed to go down to turn on our water pump, so he used a blow torch to clear it off.

It took a long time to get down to the doors.

These are our neighbors across the street: Sasha and Lynn. Lynn and Karen watched our house for us during the winter, so I took them some prickly pear tea. (They were also my bosses at the tea shop last year.) Lynn put Sasha in the house and then came over to meet Tucson. We will need to introduce the dogs carefully because they are both females, so we’re saving it for tomorrow.

It feels so good to be back home!  We are very happy tonight.

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