Parting is such sweet sorrow

Mark left at 9:30 this morning headed toward Indiana.  I tried to delay him as long as possible so that I could have a little more time with him, but I should have let him go sooner because he didn’t reach his destination until 9:00 our time, 10:00 Eastern time.  Thankfully, he took Tucson with him.

Mark is going to be attending a three day advanced RV Tech training on Tuesday through Thursday of this week.  The training is being offered for free, but he has to pay for food, gas, and hotel.  He called me this evening when he got settled in.  He said that getting through Chicago was the hardest part.  Traffic was so bad that his six-hour trip took closer to ten hours, plus stops.  He hit four toll booths just trying to get through Chicago.  That’s one thing I hate about the Chicago area.  You hit a toll booth every few minutes and they charge quite a bit.

With Mark and Tucson gone, I spent the day doing housework and getting ready for the furnace guys who are supposed to arrive tomorrow morning sometime between 7:30 and 8:30.  I am so looking forward to getting our new furnace installed.  It doesn’t always work well to keep a fire burning in the wood stove.  I can hardly wait to have heat in the whole house again!

When Mark calls to report about his day tomorrow, I will keep you informed!

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