From home!!!

We had a much shorter drive today and were able to make several stops on the way home.  Our excitement mounted as we got into familiar territory.

First stop was at the dog wash in Green Bay. Tucson has been in need of a good bath for quite a while.

Tucson didn’t particularly enjoy it.

Pass this sign and peace immediately descends… or in this case, joyous cheers!

There are several places around Door County where you can see gnomes.

Sturgeon bay. You can almost make out the man-made canal on the right that makes the northern part of the peninsula virtually an island.

Coming into Sister Bay

The cherry orchards which will be so pretty soon

The other sign that thrills us!

One of the places I’ll be working this summer

Still a few snow drifts, but not as much as last year when we got home.

Home at last!

As we turned onto our street, Sharon who lives at the end of the street was walking her dogs and she waved at us.  As we started unpacking the RV, the neighbors from across the street came over to welcome us home and brought a beautiful Easter lily as a welcoming gift.  It’s so nice to live where everyone knows your name and is happy to see you!

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