From Madison, WI!

At long last, we’re in our home state!  Only a few hours tomorrow until we’re home.  Yay!!

When we left Kansas City this morning, all the red bud trees were in full bloom. By this rest stop inside the border of Iowa, the red bud trees were just beginning to bud.

We stopped at a truck stop in Des Moines, IA to get gas and take a shower. Mark had to back the RV and truck into a space in the truck stop.

I drew this line over the actual line to prove that Mark was straight within the lines.

When he got out and saw what a good job he’d done, he showed off to the truckers there. He was so proud of himself!

We went into the truck stop and got our first shower since we left AZ on Tuesday. We felt human again!

Dobby spent more time up front with us today.

Dubuque, IA…Last town on the west side of the Mississippi River.

The might Mississippi in its earlier stages

Mark let out a whoop when we saw this sign. I was excited too!

Selfie at sundown

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