Through the woods

I have known for a while that there is a snow mobile trail in the woods behind Lynn’s and Karen’s house, but I had never ventured far enough onto their property to find it.  Yesterday, Lynn and her dog, Sasha, took Tucson and me for a walk there and I discovered that the trail led to the field behind the fire station where I work.  This morning, I decided to walk to work.

Over the river and through the woods, to the fire house I will go!

The trilliums are just beginning to come out.

Anyone know what this little yellow flower is? Lynn was trying to remember the name when she brought me here yesterday.

The back side of the fire house from across the field

This is the entrance I go in, and I have been working in the room with the windows you see here.

I had a good day at work today.  Mickie (my boss) said we accomplished a lot.  I am enjoying this job!

On the way home, I captured these buildings in the afternoon sun. They are at the back of the property where Boost lives.

The late sun streaming through the trees

It feels funny walking through my neighbor’s yard to get back home (which you can see in the distance).

This is the way the forsythia by our mailbox looked in late April last year, but it’s only blooming now. It has been so cold, we’ve been huddling around saying, “Isn’t this supposed to be May?”

This year, it’s my turn to hang the flag of my choice in front of the house!

I tried playing with Tucson in our back yard when I got home, but she wouldn’t share the ball…

…In fact, shortly after I took this picture of Tucson, she heard Sasha barking across the street and she went running.  I tried to command her to come, or even to sit or lay down, but she wasn’t paying any heed to me.  She’s been “in the dog house” ever since.  We need to get her to obedience school.

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