Sunday School

A friend of mine at church, Kathy Rimsha, has been teaching Sunday School lessons to the handful of children at Friends Community Church for the last year. A month or so ago, she told me she was going to have to cancel for a couple of months as her daughter was undergoing radiation for breast cancer and her family didn’t want her to be exposed to any illness the children might be carrying, especially the coronavirus.

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I have wonderful news from my pastor, Nancy Bontempo, today.  She finally had a successful biopsy that told the doctors what they needed to know before treating her.  The upshot is that she will not have to have a mastectomy!  Praise the Lord! Continue reading

The church of The Old Rugged Cross

When Mark and I were researching churches in the area we found that there are not many in this tip of the peninsula, but Sturgeon Bay has both an LDS church and a Friends church.  They both meet at 10:00 on Sunday morning, so since we’d been to Mark’s church last week, we went to the Friends Community Church this morning. Continue reading