The church of The Old Rugged Cross

When Mark and I were researching churches in the area we found that there are not many in this tip of the peninsula, but Sturgeon Bay has both an LDS church and a Friends church.  They both meet at 10:00 on Sunday morning, so since we’d been to Mark’s church last week, we went to the Friends Community Church this morning. Continue reading

Recognizing Christ

Today was bitterly cold with heavy winds that blew through our tent.  Our boss told us to mark all our trees and wreaths at half price, and even at that people tried to get us to let them have a tree for less!  At some point today a couple walked in.  The man was blind in one eye and they both looked hard up.  The first thing the man said to me was, “We’ve had a bad year.  We’re hoping you have a small tree.”  I showed them our only table top tree which is flocked, and at half price it was $25, but that was obviously too much for them and they left, looking rather dejected.  Continue reading