Sunday School

A friend of mine at church, Kathy Rimsha, has been teaching Sunday School lessons to the handful of children at Friends Community Church for the last year. A month or so ago, she told me she was going to have to cancel for a couple of months as her daughter was undergoing radiation for breast cancer and her family didn’t want her to be exposed to any illness the children might be carrying, especially the coronavirus.

I really didn’t want to see the Sunday School classes canceled so I volunteered to fill in until she could come back. As it is, most of the Sundays, Kathy has been acting as my assistant out of sympathy for me. Just the week before I volunteered to fill in, I had told her that I admired what she was doing and that I’d never have the patience to deal with those kids, a couple of whom appear to be ADHD. For me, offering to fill in was a real sacrifice!

Kathy had been teaching the children a short couple of lessons on the creation of the earth and had she gone on the next week, she was going to talk about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life. She told me she was going to be out for 7 weeks, so I said I’d focus each week on a different day of creation so that when she came back, she could start back up where she left off.

Before this all started, I had been going down for a few minutes at the beginning to teach the kids some songs, and the first one I taught them was My God Is So Great. It was a perfect choice for talking about God creating the earth.

My pastor heard that the kids were learning this song and she asked me if they could perform it in front of the church. I have been practicing the song with the kids for over a month and although they aren’t perfect at it, I told Nancy we could do it this week. It would be her first week back from a 3-week vacation. Before the service started, I told her that I wished someone could pick out the tune on the piano to accompany the kids. Nancy is an accomplished pianist as well as our pastor, so she had me sing the song through a few times and she figured out the chords to play!

Mark came to church with me yesterday, so I handed him my camera and asked him to take pictures of the kids while they were singing. He not only took pictures, but he also took a video! I uploaded it to YouTube, so if you can see YouTube videos, you should be able to see this. The heat must have come on partway into the video so that’s what sounds like a plane getting ready to take off. I’m the one in the front pew leading the kids…

From L-R: Adam, Devon, Lottie, and Mack

If the video doesn’t work in your email, use this link to see it:

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