Superbowl Sunday

This morning we went to church at Christ the King Church in Lynden.  This is the church my cousin, Dan, and his family go to, although we didn’t see them there this morning.

As we were watching in the lobby to see if they came in, I saw a whole bunch of people coming in wearing lime green and blue clothing.  A couple girls even looked like they had lime green hair.  There were T-shirts with Seahawks on them, and vehicles came into the parking lot with Seahawks flags waving in the breeze.  One would think they had come to church to worship the Seahawks.

In spite of that, I liked the church.  The music was the usual band-lead choruses, but at least they played and sang well.  There was the usual Welcome Center with free gifts for first-timers (which we declined this time).  We were greeted warmly by several people, so that was nice.

The thing this church had that the others we’ve tried here haven’t is a pastor that preaches in a heart way and not a head way.  He used many Bible passages this morning.  He was talking about healing, both of the body and the soul.  At one point in the sermon he showed a video interview with a couple who have been dealing with the husband’s cancer.  The couple said it was frightening at first, but it has also caused them to grow in their faith and given them a chance to witness to others.  I was moved by their testimony.  The pastor ended by talking about Jesus as the Ultimate Healer, the one who bore our sins so we can be made whole.

I think this will be my church home in Lynden.

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