A busy winter’s day

Mark discovered first thing this morning that we had no running water.  When he switched us to our water tank we had water.  He says that unlike the old RV, this water tank is further inside the RV so it didn’t freeze.

Mark started working on winterizing our hoses this morning and not long after he started, the hose that had frozen thawed out.  It wasn’t a very hard freeze this morning, but we understand it’s going to get down below freezing later this week.  Mark had bought supplies for winterizing the RV so that was what he worked on all during the daylight hours today.

This being the 1st, I ran around paying bills.  When I went to the office to pay our rent here, the manager asked me how we like our new RV.  I said, “You know how when you move from one stick-and-brick house to another and for a while you can’t find which box has the thing you’re looking for?  That’s what we’re doing right now!”  He laughed and told me that whenever his former father-in-law moved from one house to another, he’d sell his old house with everything in it and buy all new stuff for his new house.  Mark and I are a little too sentimental to do that!

When I finished running around, I started from the back of the RV.  I arranged our closets and drawers in the bedroom so that we can find our clothes without having to dig through piles.

Mark and I have been having a running battle about my wrapping paper.  I had maybe a dozen rolls of paper for all occasions (Christmas, birthdays, babies and weddings) as well as some folded wrapping paper.  I wanted to hang onto it all for wrapping gifts, but Mark said it takes up too much room.  I finally had an idea this morning and I removed all my paper from the rolls and folded it.  Now it all fits in a bag and Mark and I are both satisfied!

Then I worked on the bathroom.  I found all the stuff we kept in our other medicine cabinet and figured out how to make it fit in the new one.  In our old bathroom there was a cabinet above the toilet that we could reach while sitting on the toilet, and that’s where I kept our toilet paper.  I found out yesterday that when I’m sitting on our new toilet I can’t reach the cabinet above.  There’s a small linen closet directly across from the toilet, so yesterday I moved the toilet paper to the bottom shelf of that.  However, when I was on sitting in there this morning I tried to reach the handle of the linen closet and found that that was too high as well.  Fortunately there’s a small cupboard under the linen closet that I can reach perfectly from the toilet, so I moved the TP down there.  It takes living in a place for a few days to get this kind of thing figured out!

As the sun went down this evening, Mark came in and began working inside.  He hung my paper towel holder and put a roll of paper towels on it.  That cleared up some of the counter space in the kitchen.  Then he hung a small drawer for his medications under his side of the table, so that cleared up some surface space too.

We have a big box in the middle of the living room floor.  As we come across something that would be a good candidate for putting in storage, we put it in the box.  We still have a ways to go before we can sit on our couch or easily find everything, but we feel good about the progress we made today.

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