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I happened to have my camera with me at the Noble House today, and there was so much light streaming in the windows, I decided to take some pictures during a quiet moment.  We are doing an exhibit of Victorian weddings this year.  I am not going to show or tell everything I say during my tours because I want to give my mother the tour when she comes here at the end of October.  I don’t want her to bow out because I’ve already told it all!  😉

This is a German bridal cup that comes with a legend dating from 1450…

Up until Queen Victoria instituted the white wedding dress, wedding dresses were usually brown or black or whatever your best dress in your closet was. The one on the left is from the 1880s; the one on the right is from the 1890s.

The dress on the left is from the 1890s, the two on the right are from the early 1900s. My favorite is the one in the middle. It looks like something Maid Marian would have worn to marry Robin Hood!

Looking down the stairway with the wedding decorations on it. The front door is at the bottom of the stairs.

The dress on the bed and the one to the far right were both found in the attic of the Noble House, so those were Noble family wedding dresses. The one in front of the window was just months prior to the US entry into WWII…

This is a beautiful example of a Bavarian/German wedding dress from the 1850s. The skirt is covered with a black wool and velvet apron and I’ve folded the apron back to show the tiny pleats on the skirt beneath. The bodice is made of silk, the choker is beads on silk, and the silk cap on the table at the right was worn during the wedding ceremony.

This may sound weird, but I love the staff bathroom!  That and Ula’s room upstairs are the brightest rooms in the house when the weather is nice.

Front porch seating.  You can see the historic shops reflected in the windows.

The herb garden in the back yard

When I got home, I asked Mark to chop some wood for our fireplace.  Today was beautiful but slightly cool.  The next three days are supposed to be rainy, a perfect time to sit in front of a blazing fire!

Mark takes a few deep breaths, then swings the ax up high over his head.

He brings it down with incredible force…

…and it’s a direct hit!

The results

Mark worked on our bathroom all day and I’m happy to say we now have a working toilet!  If we have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, we’ll have to remember we don’t have to walk out to the half bath.  🙂


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