Please be cautious!

About a week ago I had my email account closed because someone had hacked into it and sent a bunch of spam out from my address.  My son, Jamey, was able to help me change my password and put code protection on my account so that I can’t be hacked again, but that doesn’t mean that someone can’t use my email address to send out spam.  I know at least that my mother and my aunt have received suspicious emails from my address in just the last couple days.  My aunt contacted me to see if I had sent it to her, which is good!  My mother has been under so much stress that she didn’t think about it before opening the spam and it very nearly cost her.

I have asked Jamey if there’s any way to prevent this new problem and he says there isn’t.  I am asking my readers, if you get an email from me with an innocuous-sounding title such as, “I found that information for you” or “Just wanted to say hi” (as examples), contact me before opening them.  I hope none of you have already been caught by this and I apologize in advance if you get one of these.  If you forget and open it and it has a scary message and tells you to call their phone number, don’t call.  It. is. a. scam!

2 thoughts on “Please be cautious!

  1. Back in the day they hung horse thieves. I see no difference in ID thieves. Get a rope and a high tree branch…..

  2. Hi Denise & Mark, I’ll choose this route instead of your e-mail account to send you Happy Anniversary wishes! Eight years, right? Congrats! Hope you are enjoying something special today to celebrate your special relationship! Best to you both! -Sue (& Kevin)

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