From Ashland, OR

Mark and I were eager to get out of the RV park at the casino this morning. I don’t think this was the case when we were there many years ago, but there were prickly things about the size of pea gravel all over the ground. If we went out with our shoes on, the shoe soles would be covered in them when we got back to the RV. We would try to clean off the soles of our shoes and still, some would get tracked into the RV, and if we stepped on them with bare feet, it was very painful. When Mark had to take Tucson out to do her thing, she would be limping before walking very far. I’m sure that the Grand Sierra Resort is a great place to stay if you’re in the hotel, but I don’t recommend it if you have pets in the RV parking lot.

We started into the mountains today.
We finally started seeing some pine trees!
We also saw more clouds today.
I believe this was our first view of Mount Shasta.
We started getting rained on.
The terrain kept changing.
We met up with Hwy I-5 which we will be following most of the way to our destination now.
There were touches of color everywhere. I think this is a redbud tree. I also saw lupines and other flowers that I couldn’t identify because we zipped past them.
Finally hit Oregon. Yay!
We climbed so high that our ears were cracking. I had to start chewing gum like mad. The Siskiyou Summit was over 4,000 feet above sea level.
Mt. Shasta from the west side.

Lauryn and Rob and Nate spent a few days with Mom and were headed home to southern Oregon after attending Nate’s college graduation last night. Around 2:30, I told her I had just seen a sign pointing east to her hometown. She texted back that she had just seen a sign pointing south to her hometown. We were like two ships passing in the night!

Not long after seeing Mt Shasta, we had lightning and thunder and a rainstorm. At least it washed the bugs off the windshield!
Lauryn took this picture west toward us when we got hit with the storm.
When Lauryn and her family were almost home, they got hit with a deluge, too!

We were able to stop after 5 hours on the road today. I don’t know if it’s an accumulation from 3 days of driving or what, but Mark was exhausted. He went to bed at 8:30 tonight. Hopefully, he’ll be well-rested for the last leg of this journey tomorrow.

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