The Spirit said “No”

In Acts 16: 6-8, we read of Paul trying to go to a couple places on his second missionary journey, but the Spirit wouldn’t allow him to go.  Perhaps that’s what happened here today.

Regardless of the weather reports in Wisconsin, Mark and I were determined to head out on our journey today.  Actually, my friend Julie wrote from Ellison Bay that the weather report for next week is going to be up in the fifties.

Mark and I got up early and began getting the RV ready to hit the road.  We brought the bedroom slideout in, and then Mark did some more things outside while I cleared the floor and the countertops in preparation for bringing the front slideout in.  When everything was clear, I said, “Shall I bring in the front slideout?” and Mark said yes.  I hit the switch and nothing happened…not even a sound.  Mark came in and tried, but it didn’t work for him either.  He pulled the panel covers off the fuse box and checked everything with his electrodes, but everything seemed to be fine.  I asked if he’d like a little light and he said yes, but when I flipped the light switch, nothing happened.  He and I flipped light switches all through the RV and none of them was working.  Mark pulled a cover outside and also opened the hood to test the batteries.  Everything checked out.  Finally, Mark pulled out a couple of our kitchen drawers and checked the power converter under the stove, and that was dead.  It had just been working a few minutes before all this happened.

Fortunately, we have a growing emergency fund, so Mark was able to go buy the new converter.  While he was gone, I walked to the office at the RV park and told them what was going on.  They said we could stay in our space for a couple more hours, but they have it rented out to someone else for tonight.  Nothing like a little pressure!  I called my pastor and explained the situation and asked if we could spend the night at the church, and he said he would welcome us being here.

When Mark came home, he was able to get the slideout in finally, but he didn’t switch the power converter at that time.  We got ready and got out of the park.  The RV needed gas and propane, so I drove the truck to the Tractor Supply Store and gave Tucson a bath while Mark got the RV filled.  At the Tractor Supply Store, the clerk on duty was so enamored with Tucson that she told me the bath would be “on her”.  What a blessing!

Finally, Mark met me at the store and I followed him to Northwest Community Friends Church.

The church steeple is behind the RV.

We invited Pastor Adam into our humble abode for a few minutes of conversation.  I was glad to have had the opportunity to say goodbye to him anyway.  He wasn’t at church on Sunday because his twins were finally able to come home from the NICU last Thursday and the family wanted to spend a little time adjusting to having them there.  Adam says we are just outside the boundary for Tucson, so technically, we have traveled a little distance today!

Mark has a panel open to check out the new refrigerator inverter.

The awkward position Mark had to get into to replace the power converter

I am happy to say that all seems to be working again.  It was too late in the afternoon to head out on the road, so Mark is working on some other things while we sit in the church parking lot.

I don’t know if there was a specific reason the Spirit allowed a one day delay, but we had a slush day in our itinerary so we aren’t too worried.  I still have to be in Door County for a job interview on the 24th, so prayers for traveling mercies from here on out would be greatly appreciated!

Just spoke with my dad.  He had a day of hard work in rehab.  They give him physical therapy, occupational therapy, and cognitive therapy.  The physical therapy is aimed at trying to strengthen his right arm and leg so that he can get around on his own.  The occupational therapy is meant to teach him the skills he’ll need for taking care of himself at home, such as getting himself dressed.  And the cognitive therapy is for memory, although Dad’s memory isn’t as bad as one might expect of a 90-year-old.  He has already taught himself some mnemonic devices to be able to remember names and such.  Dad is feeling pretty good about all his therapies.  He’s still a long way from normal, but he thinks he will soon be strong enough to go home.  That goal motivates him to work hard on his exercises.  Continued prayers for him would also be appreciated!

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