From Tucson, AZ!

It’s raining tonight.  Who knew we’d travel all this way without rain until we reached Tucson?

Selfie of our RV at the truck stop this morning

Palm trees and mountains as we headed to the eastern border of California on I-10

Entering Arizona

Desert and rocky mountains

A glimpse of Phoenix as we skirted around the city on I-10

An oddly-shaped mountain

There was an accident on the other side of the highway. Mark said it looked like it involved a trailer too.

Home at last!

Some years ago, Northwest Community Friends Church was torched by an arsonist.  The church put in three full hookup RV spaces in the parking lot out back for the workers who came to rebuild the building.  Now they like to have RVers stay on the premises whenever they can get them to be a presence here at night when everyone else goes home.  Last year before we left, they invited us to stay here this year.  Last year, we were at the southernmost edge of Tucson.  This year we will be at the northernmost edge.  Last year, the RV resort we stayed in broke the bank.  This year, the church has said we can stay for just what would cover our utilities.  We are thrilled to be here!

The first order of business was to take Tucson out in the desert to relieve herself. Last year when she was a tiny puppy, we used to bring her to church with us and this was her playground. I wonder if she remembers it?

The next order of business was to disconnect the pickup from the RV so that we could back the RV into its space, but this turned out to be easier said than done.

Trying to charge the pickup battery

The way we tow the truck, we have to leave the key in the ignition and set the gear to neutral while leaving the engine turned off.  The last few times we done this across the country, the battery has died.  This trip was no exception.  First, Mark tried using a battery charger, but that didn’t work.  Then, with difficulty, Mark detached the RV and pulled it around to see if he could charge the battery the usual way (as seen above).  That didn’t work either.  Finally, he took the RV to the back and got it situated, then pulled the battery from it to replace the one in the pickup.  He’s going to recharge the original battery with his battery charger overnight and hope that fixes it.

The reason we were desperate to get the truck going was because we had no food for dinner and we needed groceries.  We were also hoping we could find an extension for our power cord because we can’t reach the electric outlet so that we can plug in and have electricity in the RV.  No such luck, and it is too dark out now to make any changes.  We can use the generator tonight and in the morning, but after church tomorrow, we will need to get a longer extension cord.

In spite of these setbacks, we are glad to have gotten here safely and to finally have all our slideouts out.  The RV feels so much more spacious now!  (For the last two months, we haven’t been able to open the living room slideout.)  I am excited to go to church in the morning and see all the friends we left behind last April.  Thank You, Lord, for all Your blessings!

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