From Tucson, AZ

When we got up in Kingman this morning, it was really cold.  Mark told me it would get warmer today, but considering how cold last winter was in Tucson, I wasn’t so sure.  I put my long johns on.

On the last leg of the journey

We stopped for gas in Wikieup, AZ.

I took off my hooded jacket at this point.

We were driving along on Highway 93 when out in the middle of nowhere, we encountered a roundabout.

Historic Downtown Wickenburg

They still had all their Christmas decorations up!

I took off my long-sleeved fleece shirt and was just wearing my T-shirt at this time.

Just after we went through Phoenix, we saw this interesting hill.

At this point, I went back to the bedroom and removed my long johns and put my pants on without them, but I was still feeling sweaty.

We stopped to get the RV and the pickup washed just before we got to Tucson.

Home at last! We will be staying behind my church in northern Tucson. They have full hookups for us. We have been eager to get here!

As soon as we got the RV parked, even before we had it hooked up, Mark and Tucson went out into the desert on the trail to the church’s fire pit.

They found a ball in the parking lot and began playing basketball. Tucson is in seventh heaven!

When Mark came in from playing with Tucson, he said, “I want to celebrate!”  We went to a Mexican restaurant my pastor and his wife introduced us to last year.  We came back home and finished getting the RV hooked up and everything set up inside.  It feels so good to be able to spread out and have full hookups again!


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