From Tucson, AZ

We’re here!  Thank you to those of you who were praying for safety for our trip.  I had a training to get to at 1:00 today, so we felt a little rushed.  We left Phoenix at 8:50 am.  The temperature was 49°.  Remember me saying I didn’t think I was going to need a sweater until I got back to Wisconsin?  I’m re-thinking that!  The temperature got up into the 70’s this afternoon, but when I came out of my training it was cooler and more comfortable.  Nights in the desert are colder, so I’m not putting my sweaters away yet.

The trip should have only taken about one and a half hours, but we wanted to make a good impression when we came into the RV park, so we stopped in Eloy, AZ to get the RV and the truck washed.

Waiting in line at the truck wash

All washed up!

Our first view of Tucson

The office and clubhouse at Mission View RV Resort

Our new home away from home.  Our neighbor across the street came over to watch Mark and I unload Mark’s motorcycle from the back of the truck.  We use a winch and a ramp.  He was fascinated!  So we’ve already met one of our neighbors.

Some of you may be looking at this and thinking it’s not a particularly pretty site, but to us it’s nice and roomy.  We have a place to set up the RV, a patio and a picnic table, and a driveway.  Especially after being sandwiched in at the casino parking lot last night, this feels spacious.  Most RV parks we’ve stayed at haven’t even had this much room (except at Wagon Trail Campground).  We are quite pleased with all the space for our vehicles and also the space between us and our neighbors!

I had hoped to have time for a shower before going to my training at H&R Block where I will be working as a receptionist for the next few months.  However, I barely had time for a cup of soup after we got our RV set up.  Then Mark took me to my new office.  My hair was in need of washing and my clothes were quite casual, but my boss said she hadn’t even been sure I’d make it to the training since I came from such a distance, so she was happy to see me.  The other problem was that I was supposed to have done some online training before I came, but my laptop kept blocking the pop-ups in the training and I couldn’t figure out how to turn them off.  Anyone have any ideas on that?  She tried to pair me with someone who hasn’t worked for H&R Block so that I could train her, but she ended up training me.  There have been some changes since last year.  I’ll go in and use the computers at work next week to finish up my training.

When Mark picked me up and brought me home, we decided to do some exploring in the clubhouse.

There’s a billiards room for Mark.

Here is a pool, a hot tub and some exercise equipment for both of us.

This is the library, and there’s also a puzzle table. I love puzzles!

I came in to see the library and there were two women sitting on the couch on the wall to the right.  Both were from Minnesota, and when I told them we are from Door County, they got excited.  They have visited Door County several times.  One of the women is going back to Minnesota tomorrow, but the other one is staying for the winter.  We had a nice long chat, so I may already have a potential friend here!

This is a craft room, meeting and party room, and there’s a church that meets here on Sunday mornings.  I’m looking forward to trying out the church tomorrow.

This place reminds me of a smaller version of the place we worked in Florida two years ago.  There are activities every weekday (not that I’ll be able to go to many of them once I start working).  The park is small and folks seem to be pretty friendly.  It’s a 55+ community and it’s relatively quiet except for the fact that we live close to the airport.  I think this will be a good place for us.

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