A day of rest

This morning, Mark wanted to stay home and work on his motorcycle.  I went to the “church” that meets here in the park. 

When I came home, I told Mark: “We’re not going there!”  I am sure that the people who attend this church do so either for the convenience or because they believe in what the pastor is teaching.  (It was more of a class than a service.)  But the thing I disagreed with the pastor on was that he seemed to be teaching the Law that Paul and the apostles fought so hard against.  It reminded me a little of the meeting I grew up in where my grandfather was the preacher.  It made Christianity sound like a list of rules.  As I read the Bible, it says that a believer obeys Christ out of love and gratitude, not because it’s a requirement to prove that you are saved.

I decided to look for churches online and found a Quaker church and an LDS church not too far from where we live.  We’ll go to one of those next time.

When Mark finished what he was doing on his motorcycle, we got into our swimsuits and headed over to the clubhouse.  First, we used some of the exercise equipment.  I walked on the treadmill for half a mile.  Mark used some of the other machines.  We are so out of shape, we didn’t want to overdo it the first time.  Then we swam in the pool.  I am amazed that the pool doesn’t appear to be used much.  We were alone most of the time we were in, so I did a bunch of laps across the length of the pool.  Don’t imagine I do the kind of swimming you see in the Olympics.  I do more along the lines of the side stroke, the breast stroke, the back stroke (badly) and the dog paddle.  Still, it’s good exercise.  I got my heart rate up.  We hope to get ourselves in shape again while we’re down here.

Then we went to the store and got salads for dinner.  After dinner I did a couple loads of laundry in the laundry room.

It’s been kind of a mundane, laid back day.  Tomorrow, I plan to go into the office at H&R Block to do as much of the online training as I can.  I need to get through all of that before my official first day on Friday.

And so it begins…

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