Progress made

For the most part today, Mark and I stayed home and worked on various projects.  A couple things happened to make this a good day.

I did laundry in the laundry room at our new RV park.  Besides a laundry room there’s also an exercise room with a TV and there are a number of shower rooms.  There was a mother there with a couple grade school aged children, one of whom was coming down with a bad cold.  The mother was thin to the point of looking malnourished, and she looked like she’d had a hard life.  We had some cough drops and some other cold medicine at home so I took them to her.  We struck up a conversation and I found out her grandfather is the deacon of an Apostolic church and she misses attending church.  She doesn’t have a car, but I looked online and found an Apostolic church here in Kerrville and gave her a paper with the phone number.  Maybe someone from the church would give her and her children a ride.  I’d offer to take her but the whole back of our car is full of stuff that won’t fit in our RV.  She’s a long-term resident here, so maybe she and I can become friends.  Her children are very well behaved.

The other good thing that happened today is that Mark took the online tests he needed to take as another step toward becoming an RV inspector and he passed!  The next thing on the agenda is to pass a background check, which I know he can do.  There’s a whole list of steps he needs to take before he can officially start his business, and every step taken gets us closer to that day.

Thank you for all the comments on the pictures I showed of Mark last night.  If you guessed that he got a haircut, you were right.  One commenter said it took years off his face, and I agree.  I married a very handsome man!  😉

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