A lot of paperwork

Mark and I continued today to check off things on our “to do” lists.  I did a lot of backlogged paperwork today, along with renewing memberships and taking care of various things that are coming due soon. 

In the meantime, Mark finished filling out his contract with RV Inspection Connection, including providing information for a background check and signing a non-compete agreement.  He went to Office Max and faxed all that paperwork to the RVIC.

The next step of the process for Mark’s business is to complete his business plan and set up a strategic plan of what he needs to do to get started.  There are all kinds of things to consider such as registering his business, getting liability insurance, and advertising costs.  These things won’t be able to be completed in a day as the other steps have been.  We’re in it for the long haul now.

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