Natchitoches at last!

We actually left Lafayette yesterday and arrived in Natchitoches last night.  I enjoyed the scenery but I didn’t get any pictures.  I still don’t have any pictures because Mark and I have been getting ready for the class we’re going to take here starting tomorrow morning.

I wanted to say that from Lafayette to Natchitoches I kept watching the woods on my side of the road because every now and then I could see swamp back in there.  Also, there was undergrowth that had leaves like palm trees, but it was only about the size of a fern.  I was fascinated.  Then as the woods occasionally fell back from the road, there were large rice paddies along the road.  I had heard that rice is one of Louisiana’s major agricultural crops.  Often I’d see large numbers of whooping cranes in the paddies.  The flora and fauna in Louisiana is some of the most unique I’ve seen in my travels yet.

Today Mark spent the day finishing the first draft of his business plan.  We have papers being filed in Washington state to form his business entity.  The name will be Fuller RV Services, LLC.  He’s got almost all the tools he needs now, and once he gets certified from this class he’ll be official.  There’s still a few steps left to go through for certification, though.  He’ll need to complete two full RV inspections, one of which will be on our motorhome and the other on a 5th wheel.  I will be included in three days of these classes as the person who does the paperwork and note taking for Mark.  There’s a program I’ll need to learn as well.  I’m eager to learn all I can here.

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