Girls’ day out

Mark was in class all day today and I thought it was going to be a quiet day in the RV for me.  I’ve been trying to get a little walking in each day, so this morning I planned to take a ten minute walk around the park every hour to keep myself moving.  While I was out walking I saw that our next door neighbor was walking too.  I had never spoken to her before, but her husband had greeted us yesterday when we pulled in and I had seen her working around their RV, so I knew who she was.  I greeted her as I was passing by this morning and she invited me to join her.

Her name is Betty.  She walks forty minutes a day, so we walked and talked together for what turned out to be an hour.  I found out that she and her husband are Christians and they haven’t Workamped yet.  Her husband just retired and they went to the Workamper Rendezvous last October and heard about these classes, so they decided to take them.  They have yet to sell their house and they are planning to take a few months off to do some relaxing, but the first thing she told me they had talked about was doing the sugar beet harvest next fall.  I soundly steered her clear of that!

By the time we finished walking it was time to go to our RVs and make lunch for our men, but she told me she was planning to go to the store after lunch and asked if there was anything I needed.  I said, “Well, I need to go to the post office.”  She offered to take me after lunch.

After Mark had lunch and went back to class, Betty came over and asked if I would like to go to the post office and I said yes.  I grabbed my purse and we started heading that way in her little Volkswagen convertible with the top down.  As we were going down the road, she asked if I’d been in the historic part of Natchitoches yet, and I said I had not.  She suggested we could go this afternoon and I said, “Oh, I wish I’d brought my camera with me.”  She turned around and took me back to get my camera.  Here is what we saw today:

The garden by the river

The garden by the river

The river (or lake?) that is dammed on both ends

The river (or lake?) that is dammed on both ends

A selfie of Betty and me

A selfie of Betty and me

Kind of a kooky old "monk" named Brother David that we met in town

Kind of a kooky old “monk” named Brother David that we met in town

We also went window shopping. . . It's a girl thing!

We also went window shopping. . . It’s a girl thing!

We got to know each other quite well as we poked around the town.  She’s a lot of fun.  I realized I haven’t had a chance to have a day with “the girls” in quite some time.  It was delicious.

This evening after dinner, Mark took a motorcycle ride to the store and I stayed to do some laundry.  As I was walking to the laundry room with my things, Betty and Mike were enjoying a fire outside their RV and invited me to join them.  I came back (with Mark who had seen me at the laundry room on his way in) and the four of us sat around the fire and talked till 11:00 tonight.  It’s so nice to make friends!

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