Final days of school

I didn’t get a chance to mention that all of us women were invited over to the Cooper’s RV yesterday afternoon for a “Kitchen class”.  I had no idea what a kitchen class would be.  They have a brand new Redwood and it’s very fancy but out of our price range.  The kitchen class mostly consisted of showing off various features of the kitchen.  Then one of the women changed the subject to questions she had about this week of training and things got a lot more interesting.  I learned more from that discussion than I did from the class.

Afterward Lady E invited us to look through the other rooms in her RV.  I opened a door in the bathroom and discovered there was a washer and dryer in there.  I asked her about that because when we got our first Workamping RV I had been looking for one with a washer and dryer and was told they weren’t worth the money.  The dryer, I was told, took forever to dry clothes and you could only put one thing in at a time.  Lady E said that is a myth.  She said it might be true of the combination washers and dryers, but not of stackable washers and dryers.  I will have to keep that in mind next time we get an RV.

I also learned that RV refrigerators are the most dangerous pieces of equipment in an RV because they run on propane and have been known to catch fire.  Lady E told me how to look up online to find out if a refrigerator is listed on a recall list.  When I looked ours up, it is on a recall list.  We’ll have to get that taken care of as soon as we get a chance.

In the meantime, Mark checked our propane detector, which is a safety monitor that lets you know if you have a leak or some other serious problem.  He discovered that our propane detector was out of date before we even bought this RV.  (By the way, we bought this RV at Camping World, which we are learning here is kind of shady.  A word to the wise…)

So those two pieces of information could already save us from a life threatening situation if we can get them fixed before anything happens.  This course has been so useful!

This morning in business class, Steve went more into the nuts and bolts of what it takes to be accepted into the RVIC (Recreational Vehicle Inspection Connection) which is their program for giving credentials and work to their graduates.  We need to finish this business plan I’ve started making and also make a strategic plan.  Mark needs to take several more tests, including two mock inspections.  We need to get an LLC or an S-Corp, get liability insurance, sign a contract with RVIC, and take a three day advanced training that’s coming up in March.  Whew!  We have our work cut out for us.

Already today we’ve pulled in our slide outs and unhooked from everything.  As soon as Mark gets out of class tonight we need to load up the car and hit the road.  Unfortunately that means missing the potluck and graduation tonight, but we have to be in Kerrville at a reasonable hour tonight to have our bosses or one of their employees help us get parked in the right spot to comply with city ordinances.  Then tomorrow morning we have to get up early and drive to San Antonio for the second part of our training to be Christmas tree lot operators.  After that we’ll be busy, busy, busy until probably the New Year.  The things we need to accomplish for the RVIC will probably have to wait till this job is over.  I’m eager to get to the point where we can work to achieve our goals!

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