2nd Annual NRVIA Conference: Day 2

This being Sunday, today began with Scripture reading and prayer.  I just can’t get over the fact that Steve and Coop are so open about this organization being built on faith in God.  How many organizations that aren’t specifically church related actually include God in the course of their business meetings?  I admire them for doing this. Continue reading

2nd Annual NRVIA Conference: Day 1

We all arrived at 8:00 this morning to the Heber Springs Community Center where the conference is being held.  The doors weren’t open yet so we all mingled in the hallways and looked at the vendor tables.  They finally opened the doors around 8:45 and I found a table near the front so I could see without a lot of heads in my way. Continue reading

NRVIA training

We had an opportunity to sleep in this morning which helped considerably when we went to the training this afternoon.  The training ran from 1:00 to about 5:45 and it mostly covered stuff we had already learned about how to do an inspection report.  There have been some improvements made to the template even since we did our mock inspections this summer, so it was good to see those.  They also acknowledged some of the glitches I had been having trouble with when I did the reports from our mock inspections but didn’t seem to have fixes for those yet.   Continue reading

From Little Rock, AR

Last night several of us class members initiated a new fire ring Mark and I got and roasted marshmallows.  We stayed up late talking, and then this morning everyone helped each other get ready to leave.  Ricky and Mike helped Mark load his Harley into the truck and then we said our goodbyes to them.  Lance drove by and wished us luck in our business and safety in our travels.  Then I went over to Bob and Sally’s RV and knocked on the door.  Bob came out and chatted with us for a while.  He said he would recommend all of us to RVIC if we all wanted to contract with them.  After all the goodbyes, we hit the road. Continue reading

Final days of school

I didn’t get a chance to mention that all of us women were invited over to the Cooper’s RV yesterday afternoon for a “Kitchen class”.  I had no idea what a kitchen class would be.  They have a brand new Redwood and it’s very fancy but out of our price range.  The kitchen class mostly consisted of showing off various features of the kitchen.  Then one of the women changed the subject to questions she had about this week of training and things got a lot more interesting.  I learned more from that discussion than I did from the class. Continue reading

Work and play

In the business class this morning, we went over making a business plan.  I was so inspired that after class I drove to Walmart and got some supplies.  Steve said it should look nice, with pictures that illustrate what we plan to do.  I got a notebook, some page protectors, and some scrapbooking materials.  I made the cover before lunch, the title page after lunch, and worked on a brief resume for Mark and me.  Here are pictures: Continue reading

First day of school

This morning I went with Mark to the first session of his class.  When I said the Workamper.com RV and Workamper News car belonged to Terry Cooper, I was wrong.  They belong to the president of Workamper.com, Steve Anderson.  Terry Cooper and his wife, whom everyone calls Lady E, are in a fifth wheel right next to Steve and his wife. Continue reading